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There is a well-known form of martial arts referred to as tai chi. It is practiced in many areas of the world. Unlike more popular martial arts including kung fu and karate, it is used for not just defense but for personal health. It's based upon understanding what is called Yin and Yang, opposing forces that are often discussed in Asian cultures. Though it can be a very effective way to combat people trying to assail you, it is often done for the purpose of balancing both body and mind. Here is a brief overview of what tai chi is, and why it is beneficial for your health.


Origins Of Tai Chi

Tai chi got its start as a result of Buddhist and Taoist monasteries developing this martial art, often thought to have originated during the Song dynasty. Since that time, it has developed into several different types of styles, numbering more than a dozen different kinds. Most of those that are practiced today originated from what is called the Chen style, once only passed down from family member to family member. In the United States, this has experienced rising popularity, yet it has been consistently taught and practiced around the world.


How Were The Movements Derived

There are 108 tai chi movements that have been used for centuries. Many people have shortened the movements down to 24, making it easier for beginners to understand what to do. Although the origins of the movements are not well documented, many martial arts, including kung fu, emulated things in nature and the movements of animals and insects. The goal of the practitioner is to follow the movements in a free-flowing manner, always balanced at the center of gravity. Doing so will not only center the body, but also center the mind of the person performing these every day.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Tai Chi?

The primary health benefits of this martial art include enhancements to both physical and mental coal acuity. Those that suffer from conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, or even Parkinson's disease, may actually benefit from practicing these movements on a daily basis. Movements can be done while seated, or while standing, and is often recommended to those that suffer from coronary conditions or osteoarthritis. The movements are very gentle, and require you to be very focused, allowing you to connect your mind with your body very easily. In some cases, it is physically therapeutic, but for others it can help them help their mind.


If you have never done tai chi before, you ought to consider trying this out. At the very least, it will be very relaxing. Like many other martial arts, there are a series of moves to learn, ones that will become automatic over time. Once you have learned the movements, this will allow the practitioner to focus more on clearing their mind. It is one of the most relaxing forms of any martial art, a practice that has been very beneficial for people that suffer from different maladies.


Learn more about Tai Chi at :   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tai_chi 

Is Tai Chi Beneficial For Your Health?

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